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The girls find out about their parents upcoming divorce.

Rayna is unsettled after Teddy asked for a divorce.

Juliette soldiers on with her tour changes.

Avery is frustrated with the manager he chose.

Tandy sees that Teddy is in contact with Peggy.

Teddy pushes Rayna to move the divorce forward.

Jason comes back to see Gunnar.

Hailey wants to sign Avery.

Maddie overhears Teddy talking to Peggy.

Rayna has a narrow escape on stage.

Deacon and Glenn disagree over Juliette.

Rayna heads out with Liam instead of leaning on Deacon.

Gunnar admits his involvement with Jason's crime to Scarlett.

Juliette pushes Glenn too far.

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Twenty years. I've never seen her miss a cue.


Man, I didn't make it this far foldin' up like a tent when things get bad.


Nashville Season 1 Episode 13 Music

  Song Artist
Song It's My Life Connie Britton
Buddy miller looking for a heartache like you Looking For A Heartache Like You Buddy Miller iTunes
Song Don't Love Me Too Much Escondido