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Both Rayna and Juliette were nominated for CMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year, but both had other issues taking over their lives.  Juliette was attempting to protect her rep from Dante’s recent 500,000 dollar theft, but ended up drinking away her problems instead.  Rayna and Deacon continued to have romantic encounters, but Teddy told her to stop because it would lead to their secret about Maddie being revealed.


The record label loves Gunnar’s song that is actually his brother’s.  Avery fills in for Deacon as Juliette’s band leader after Deacon quits.  Juliette propositions Avery, but he turns her down, possibly because she was hammered.  Oh yeah, and Coleman resigned.

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

All that mundane stuff, that's pretty much just what I've been waiting for.


Honey that perfume you're wearing is 80 proof.

Rayna (to Juliette)

Nashville Season 1 Episode 19 Music

  Song Artist
Nashville cast gun for a mouth feat sam palladio Gun for a Mouth (feat. Sam Palladio) Nashville Cast iTunes
Nashville cast used feat hayden panettiere Used (feat. Hayden Panettiere) Nashville Cast iTunes
Nashville cast the end of the day feat connie britton and charle The End of the Day (feat. Connie Britton & Charles Esten) Nashville Cast iTunes