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Rayna and Juliette come home for a party that the record company is throwing for their number one hit.  While at home Juliette attends a trial for her mother, but doesn't do well helping Jolene with her lackluster testimonial.  Deacon convinces her to give mom another shot.


An article claims that Deacon was kicked off of the tour because he was drinking again, so he gets a bit depressed.  He finally takes Juliette up on her offer to join her band on tour.


Rayna considers taking a deal with another record company, but changes her mind and kicks Liam off the tour when she finds out he was getting some major cash for bringing Rayna to the new label.


Teddy wants to fix his marriage with Rayna, and tells her so, but is shocked when he sees Deacon heading to the tour plane.


Scarlett convinces Gunnar to join her in playing with Avery's old band.

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Lose the "the" and "band." From now on it's just Avery Barkley.


Think of Edgehill like your marriage. The only way to get through it is to fantasize about someone else.