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After an emotional funeral, everyone heads back to Rayna's house to celebrate her life. Deacon can barely function and escapes upstairs to be alone.

Rayna was supposed to perform at the CMA's. Now, because business goes on, CMT is looking to replace her Rayna. Juliette wants to give a tribute to Rayna and asks Glenn to make it happen.

Tandy and Teddy talk about how bad Deacon is doing and what should happen with the girls.

Zack attends the funeral and takes the opportunity to talk with Will. They make plans to spend some time together.

A probate lawyer explains the guardianship issue to Teddy, Tandy, Scarlett and Deacon. Maddie overhears Teddy and Tandy strategizing and is scared Deacon's going to lose her and Daphne. Deacon prepares himself for a fight.

Maddie and Daphne talk about how much they miss their mom. Daphne confides in Scarlett about her fears. Clay struggles to support Maddie.

Tandy and Deacon talk about the realities and responsibilities of raising two girls and running a label. Teddy tries to talk to Maddie.

Juliette practices her tribute to Rayna but something feels off. Avery tells her to focus on Rayna but she makes a last minute decision that changes the whole tribute.

The guardianship issue is resolved.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Deacon: I don't know who I am without her [Rayna].
Maddie: You're my dad.

To living every day of your life.

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