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Deacon meets with Brad, Jessie's ex-husband, who makes him an interesting offer.

Juliette continues to complain to Avery about the circumstances back home while he's out on the road.

Highway 65's power is shut off when Zack cancels the account.  

Daphne and Maddie talk about the possibility of Deacon dating again.

Deacon tracks down Zack.

Daphne finally tells Deacon what's been going on with Juliette and Maddie. He is pissed and immediately confronts her.

Daphne goes to an end of the year pool party.

Avery feels like he has to defend his relationship with to Juliette.

Daphne is jealous when she see's Flynn with another girl. She ends up hanging out with Jake, Jessie's son, at the party.

Gunnar feels like he learned something about himself in Texas. He's ready to talk with Scarlett about their relationship.

Will tries to get through to Zack. When he sees that he can't, he leaves and tells Zack not to call him again.

Alyssa surprises Deacon.

The Exes perform at The Bluebird's 35th Anniversary event.

Juliette reaches out to Mackenzie Rhodes to help with Zack. The story she threatens Zack with is fake, but Juliette gives her the scoop on another one.

Avery is watching the news when he learns that Juliette stole Maddie's song. Juliette withdraws her song from consideration for the AMA's.

Daphne tries to talk to Deacon about Jessie.

Deacon tries a different approach with Zack.

Avery returns from the tour.

Maddie, Daphne and Deacon go to the AMA's.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Juliette: How can I make this right?
Deacon: You can't. I'm gonna keep battling for Highway 65, but not for you, for everybody else. When the dust settles, if there's still a label, you're off of it.

You are an impulsive, egotistical, narcissist that masquerades as a nice guy.

Zack [to Brad]