On Nashville Season 3 Episode 11, Luke lashes out after Rayna dumps him on their wedding day. Meanwhile, Deacon gets more devestating news regarding his health. Don't miss out on all the drama by watching Nashville online!

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Rayna must deal with the fallout from calling of her wedding, as well as deal with an angry Luke. Deacon learns he'll need a new liver just as Rayna tells him she loves him. Layla wakes up after her overdose and Will takes responsibility for his part in her unhappiness. Will loses parental rights over Micah. Avery and Juliette have their first fight as a married couple. Sadie takes her safety into her own hands.

Episode Details

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 11, Luke does not handle Rayna's decision to cancel the wedding gracefully.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (24 Votes)
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Nashville Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Luke: I mean, hell, before me you were mortgaged to the hilt, saddled with an album that wasn't commercial, I mean persona non grata on country radio... But now look at you. You got a platinum album, a sold out tour, and all those CMA awards. I mean now that you got your six statues, I guess you don't needs my seven carats. You can keep the damn ring by the way.
Rayna: Well if that's how you feel about it, guess I dodged a bullet, didn't I?

Will: Hey, how you feeling?
Layla: I tried to kill myself and couldn't even get that right. How do you think I'm doing?