On Nashville Season 3 Episode 21, Juliette's eratic bahvior causes Avery and her team to become concerned. Meanwhile, Deacon's cancer diagnosis becomes public and news travels fast. Don't miss out on all the drama when you watch Nashville online!

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When you watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 21, you'll see news of Deacon's illness spread around town. Rayna breaks down after Beverly sends back the check all ripped up. She and Deacon eventually perform together at The Bluebird. Afterward, Beverly shows up and says she'll help him. Meanwhile, Emily alerts Avery that while Juliette was watching Cadence, she hadn't been changed or fed at all. They all set up an intervention for Juliette. She leaves in a huff when they accuse her of having postpartum depression. Will's father shows up and tells him he loves him, thinking his son is now straight. Kevin is not happy about Will's father coming back. Luke is made aware of photos revealing Will's and Kevin's realtionship about to be published. Jeff continues to manipulate Layla and gets her to sign a contract binding her career to him in perpetuity.

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On Nashville Season 3 Episode 21, Juliette's behavior makes Avery and her team worry she may be suffering from postpartum depression. Meanwhile, news of Deacon's cancer comes out.

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

No one's gonna take care of you the way that I have, the way that I will.


It's just every time I've looked in my future, you've always been in it. I don't know what I'm gonna do without you.