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In Iraq, an Islamic terrorist group steals a truck with $5 million dollars of U.S. cash. NCIS: LA tracks the money back to the U.S.

There, they learn the money has been stolen to hire an accomplished bank robber to rob a local bank ... after they have $5 million?

Further investigation suggests that the bank robbery is intended as a ruse. Robbers will rob the place but a guy there is in on it.

A bank employee will then transfer $51 million of the terrorists' money that has been frozen by the government to an offshore bank.

During the robbery, Kensi gets shot and although Sam is able to kill a couple of the robbers, the bank employee gets away.

It was all a ruse to flush out the inside man, however, and Callen and Sam are actually in on the entire robbery.

That way, they are able to have Eric reclaim the money and arrest the inside man, who they now know the identity of.

Terrific episode with a surprise twist!

NCIS: Los Angeles
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