Arkady: Where do you think I should sit?
Callen: Parking lot?

Deeks: I'm all out of snacks. Did you bring any?
Kensi: No, because we're on overwatch, not a picnic.

Sam: They patted you down
Nina: Yeah, well, a real gentleman doesn't touch the good stuff.

Bryant: How much?
Sam: 111 K.
Bryant: Specific number.
Sam: I'm a specific man.

Anna: Callen doesn't dance.
Callen: I dance.
Arkady: I've seen you. It's cry for help.
Callen: I think you're confusing me with Sam.

You know what they say. It's not the size of the gun. It's how you use it.

Sam [to Adams]

Anna: I'm going to kill [Arkady].
Callen: If you do, let me know. That body's too big to move on your own.
Anna: Not if I do it in pieces.

Callen: Well, you sure took your sweet time.
Nina: Some of us actually care about our appearance in public.

Callen: We've been through a lot over the years. I would not be here today if it wasn't for you.
Sam: No, you would not.
Callen: Aren't you going to say you wouldn't be here today with me either?
Sam: I don't want to lie to you, especially on your wedding day.

Kilbride: You think [Newsome] might be in trouble?
Kerry: Almost always. But for the right reasons.

Callen: I'm thinking.
Anna: Yeah, I can smell the rubber burning.

Anna: All this wedding planning is worse than a suicide mission.
Arkady: Tell me about it. Sometimes I think the only purpose of getting married is to prepare you for death.