Kensi: You have a vagabond living upstairs.
Deeks: You mean Callen. He's offered to bounce on the weekend.

Callen: You trying to show me up or something?
Sam: Sometimes it's not about you, G.

Well, this officially sucks.


Rogers [to Eric]: A little life lesson: It's not bragging if it's true.

Nell: When I look at this stuff, I have to wonder: How do people have the time? What a waste.

Sam [to Nell]: G is hiding from Rogers.
Callen: Not hiding. I'd say avoiding.

There are coincidences and there are coincidences. You know what I'm saying?


I'm doing this for Eric. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


Deeks: My God, Kensi. How hard did you hit him in the head?
Greg: She didn't hit me in the head at all.

You guys manage to exercise, discuss documentary films and identify an alleged traitor to the United States. And it's not even lunchtime. Bravo! Bravo!


Stephens: I did try to warn you.
Callen: You did.

Eric: You love games.
Nell: And I love tables. But never the twain shall meet.