The bomb is defused. You're welcome.


To Sam Hanna, the greatest partner in the world.


Like I said, it's so much more fun when you get to watch.


What, no "Hello." "How are you?" "How do you like my new face?"

Callen [to Katya]

Don't you think it's funny that you and I are in love with the same woman?

Katya [to Callen]

Tony Bennett centers me.

Kilbride [to Shyla]

The only thing I hate worse than armed insurrectionists is L.A. traffic.

Kilbride [to Shyla]

Sam: And that didn't seem the least bit unusual?
Chambers: We live in unusual times.

Kensi: You believe things happen for a reason, right?
Deeks: I do.
Kensi: This is our reason.

Sam: What do you think?
Raymond: I think you need some furniture. I need a comfy chair.

Shyla: You're not grumpy, sir. You're just passionate.
Kilbride: Keep it up, Dahr. I'll be sending you back to Washington ... in a mailing tube.

Bring me back blood, answers, or preferably both.

Kilbride [to Sam]