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Tom Olsen, Sam's old SEAL buddy, is attacked while bow hunting. He takes out two gunmen. Four more gunmen come over a hill after him. Fatima and Rountree are summoned by Kilbride on a Saturday. He also interrupts Kensi's solo weekend with Rosa. With Sam, Callen, and Deeks loaned out to a joint task force, Lance Hamilton drops by because DOJ wants to know who is hunting Tom. Kilbride sends Kensi and Lane to Utah and, because of Tom's past with the CIA, he brings in Sabatino to work with Fatima. Sabatino and Fatima question Tom's wife Lauren, to see if she suspects who might be after him. She has no idea but mentions that Tom struggles with the promotional side of being a book author. The two men Tom shot have fake identities. Spook Marina informs Fatima about a threat by Luke Austin at one of Tom's recent book signings. Kensi finds Tom's blood type on a rock while tracking him. Tom took out one of the gunmen trailing him with an arrow. Kensi notes the gunmen are speaking Brazilian Portuguese. The remaining gunmen have Tom surrounded. Rountree and Kilbride determine that someone with means is funding the hunting of Tom. Kilbride sends Fatima and Sabatino to interrogate Nina Barnes. Nina has Fatima and Sabatino run her food truck while she tracks down a buyer for them. The fifth gunman falls in front of Kensi and Lance, revealing Tom. Nina finds out there are 10 gunmen and they also have a drone carrying C4. The man behind the operation is Renaldo Campos and a SEAL team, possibly including Tom, killed his brother. Fatima, Rountree, and Sabatino breach Campos's ranch house. Fatima hijacks the drone to attack the remaining gunmen. Kilbride hangs out with Rosa until Kensi gets back. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 11 Quotes

Rosa: Well, it's not your fault you have to work.
Kensi: I know it's not my fault I have to work. But I was looking forward to some 1-on-1 time, just you and me.
Rosa: Me too. But hey, it's cool. No worries.

Rountree: I thought we were going to have lunch with your friends from college. You were going to hook me up with the vegetarian.
Fatima: First of all, she's a veterinarian, not a vegetarian. Second of all, I wasn't going to hook you up. I was going to introduce you to her.
Roundtree: Tomato, tomato. Get dressed. We gotta go.