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- Deeks goes undercover to investigate an arms dealer and cozies up to woman, Monica, to get information on her employer. Deeks rescues her when she is chased and shot at. She stole a bag of diamonds from her boss because she thought that's what Deeks was after. When Deeks shows doubts about the diamonds, Monica runs. They apprehend her and then she agrees to go undercover to capture her boss.

- It turns out that the diamonds were going to be payment for a nuclear bomb from Sidorov. He is getting ready to sell the nukes.

- Deeks' relationship with Monica strains his relationship with Kensi.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Callen: I'm sorry. Did I miss something? Who are these guys?
Kensi: They aren't guys. They're WODs. W-O-Ds.
Callen: Is that like a B-F-F with an S-T-D?
Kensi: W-O-D is Work Out of the Day.

Deeks: I was just gonna see if you were good.
Kensi: Yeah. You?
Deeks: I'm good if you're good.
Kensi: I'm good.
Deeks: Okay. That's good. We're good. Which is, you know, great.
Kensi: I'm glad we cleared that up. See ya tomorrow.