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Petty Officer Corey Marchand, a Navy Seal who quits during a training exercise, is later found shot dead by the ferry landing. Marchand, who filed transfer papers, is absent without leave. Loretta's adopted son Danny announces that he's planning to enlist in the Navy, to Loretta's disappointment. Petty Officer Carl Hollister, Corey's roommate, said that Master Chief Petty Officer Jolly forced Marchand to return to the pool for the drown-proofing training again. Pride and Percy interrogated Jolly, who said that he parted ways with Marchand after the aborted training. Marchard passed on a college-basketball scholarship to join the Navy. Loretta is snapping at everybody because Danny isn't gong to college, and asked Pride to talk with him. Danny wants Pride to explain his decision to Loretta. LaSalle and Gregorio track Marchand to City Hall, where he had accosted Mayor Hamilton. Pride confronts Hamilton, who explains he ducked Marchand's calls. Melody, an old flame, confronts LaSalle and introduces him to his son, Tucker. Gregorio discovers that Marchand assaulted his coach at last year's annual basketball dinner. Mason Holt, a restaurant busboy who played with Marchand, won't tell a secret about the basketball team. Gregorio and LaSalle find Coach Aarons, also shot dead. Gregorio brings up the possibility of sexual abuse, with both Holt and Marchand having marks on their wrists. The murder weapon is registered to Holt, who pulls a knife when Pride and Percy confront him. Pride talks down Holt, and Holt explains that restaurateur/booster Charles Fox was the abuser, who killed Marchand and the coach. Pride accuses the mayor of burying the allegations. Gregorio meets Melody and finds out Tucker is Christopher's son. Pride gets Loretta and Danny to talk. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Something was haunting that kid. I thought I was helping him, but maybe I pushed him too far.


LaSalle: It's just an old friend.
Gregorio: By old friend, you mean former hookup.