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A sailor is killed during a motorcycle street race. LaSalle is thrown by his sudden family life, and Gregorio suggests he talk to Pride. The victim was a member of one relocated motorcycle club, the Vets, so the other rival motorcycle club in town, the Niners, is suspect. LaSalle fills in Pride on what's happening with his instant family. Pride and LaSalle meet with the head of the Vets and get them to hold off on retaliation. Pride and LaSalle see the Niners clubhouse explode. Evidence points to the Vets as being behind the explosion. Gregorio suggests the Percy contact her old informant, Ramon, to infilitrate the Niners. Gregorio is suspicious of Ramon, so she has Patton hack the ATF data base. Hogan, the Vets' chief, has gone missing, and evidence points to the Niners having taken him. Percy ditches her wire and leaves with Ramon. Sebastian said the evidence doesn't point to either motorcycle club but instead a third party is setting them up. A New York mob outfit is angling for for the land the Vets are trying to build housing upon. When a beaten-up Hogan is brought to the site, Percy throws down Ramon and takes off. Percy hopes to stage a rescue, but Ramon sneaks up on her. Pride and LaSalle arrive in time to save Hogan, who grabs a gun to threaten the Niners' leader, Morrow. Gregorio sneaks up on Ramon, who was orchestrating the tension between the clubs, to rescue Percy. Percy finds a pacifier in LaSalle's desk, but Gregorio tells her to ask him about it. Gregorio commiserates with Percy and admits that she was the wife of McKinley, the embezzler of Katrina rebuilding funds..

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You know what? You oughta talk to Pride about this. That man's got more homespun advice than Dr. Phil.

Gregorio [to LaSalle]

Gregorio: I take it family life is just peachy.
LaSalle: A week ago, it was just me. Now I've got a cryin' toddler keeping me up at night and a momma I barely know.