Elvis Returns - NCIS: New Orleans
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After turning in his badge, Pride recruits Fred Newman as his lawyer. Then he gets arrested. LaSalle wants to find evidence to arrest Burruss for murder. Associate Attorney General Eric Barlow offers Pride a deal: retire or face abuse of power charges which could send him to jail. Loretta bails him out. Pride tells Loretta to have LaSalle stand down. Two bikers attempt to shoot Burruss, but LaSalle rams his car and saves him. Burruss gives them the name of Amelia Parsons. Patton and Gregorio look into her, while Sebastian surveils Pride. Barlow is the latest generation of a New Orleans dynasty. Pride recruits Oliver Crane, Sydney Hallyday and Elvis Bertrand as his off-the-books team. Bertrand calls in Loretta. They set up above his bar, to figure out Barlow's plan. LaSalle and his squad block Pride and his team. Loretta convinces everyone to work together. Barlow was behind the Clearwater shipyard. The combined team breaks into Barlow's law firm to download files. An alarm is sounded, but everyone escapes. FBI is coming to arrest Pride. Patton and Sebastian erase the surveillance footage. Barlow orders the elimination of some of Pride's people. Elvis turns up a hit list. Estes gets killed by a car bomb. Pride tells LaSalle about the hit list. Pride won't tell Deputy Chief Gossett about Barlow's plot. Burruss was hung in his cell. Barlow is targeting Tricentennial Fleet Week.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

We care, so get over it.

Gregorio [to Pride]

Gregorio: We need to figure this out fast, before Pride tries to figure it out.
Estes: Yeah, that's what worries me.