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Sebastian shows Pride an article that just appeared about his past tactics. Pride is worried that the article has classified information that someone has leaked. LaSalle and Gregorio go to see Oliver Crane, the writer. Gregorio and LaSalle both get overheated when talking to Crane. Gregorio snatched a DOD case file off Crane's desk. The leaker is Petty Officer Amanda Bowers, whose brother Pride arrested. They find her dead in her apartment. The landlady said that a man keeps stopping by to see Bowers. Crane confronts the team at the crime scene. LaSalle is taking lead on the investigation. Pride tries to talk to protestors, and things turn violent. Rita arrives, and tells Pride it's a coordinated attack on him. Estes found the brick thrower, Marcus Green, and Pride goes to interview him. Sebastian found traces of beard balm in Bowers' bathroom. Green got paid to throw the brick. A riot breaks out in Clearwater when they try to take in Green. Pride and Rita go to see Crane. He agrees to help Pride find the bearded man, in exchange for an exclusive. Rita convinces Pride to stay put while the team looks for the man at the train station. He escapes in front of an oncoming train. He overpowers Gregorio before Sebastian takes him down. The man is Max Burress, a former intelligence officer. The assistant district attorney brings in Pride for questioning. Pride is being investigated for abuse of force. Burress's lawyer said the government wasn't charging him for leaking classified documents. Pride has to turn over his badge and weapon. The assistant D.A. said it's someone further up the line who is pushing a grand-jury investigation. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Gregorio: We have to play it cool.
LaSalle: You know me. I'm ice cold.

Loretta: It's all been taken out of context.
Pride: It may have been taken out of context, but it happens to be true.