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A sailor, Jacob Anderson, falls to his death during a tour about New Orleans ghosts. He fell from the same building where a similar fall took place 150 years ago. The house of Jacob's late grandmother has been ransacked. Pride has to tell Jacob's sister that he's dead. One room at that house had been set up for a seance. They track down Otis, the fake medium who staged the seance. They chase him through his haunted house then arrest him. Gregorio gets spooked by the experience. Otis says the grandmother was trying to solve a family secret. He also says that the grandmother was talking to him after she died, and he told Jacob what she said. Pride sends out LaSalle and Percy so they can work out their problems. Retracing Jacob's steps, they discover that he visited the grave of Cornelius LaRue, the Confederate sailor who fell 150 years earlier. It appears that Jacob was investigating LaRue's death. They find Otis at their next stop, pretending to be with NCIS. Otis finds a picture of LaRue, who looks just like Jacob. Apparently the family name was changed from LaRue to Anderson after the Civil War. Sebastian and Gregorio find proof of the name change in old records. Then someone jams a screwdriver into the breaker box, causing sparks and starting a fire. The theory is that LaRue was partner with an Edgar ancestor in the Edgar pharmacy, and someone killed Jacob to keep the secret. That someone is Tate Prescott, who is married to Tessa, the Edgar heiress. He holds a gun on Percy on the rooftop. LaSalle understands Percy's coded message and distracts Prescott, then Percy jumps him. He falls off the roof, holds on briefly to the edge, then lets go. Pride finds a storage box with proof of the partnership.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

This whole case is cursed.

Gregorio [to Percy]

You're going to have to get over your fear of heights sooner or later.

Pride [to Sebastian]