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Loretta's son Danny gets attacked when he goes to visit his girlfriend Emily. Her roommate Lauren was dead. Danny said Emily was scared about something. The team can't find any record of Emily before she came to New Orleans. Pride is forced to meet with Dr. Amy Christo, an NCIS therapist. Percy pulls him out when Sebastian finds Emily on video being abducted coming out of work, before the killer came to her apartment. Danny gets a text from Emily's phone. The abandoned black van is found outside a "travel agency," with U.S. Marshals inside. Emily is in witness protection, and she has been exposed. Danny calls Pride, and gunfire can be heard in the background. They track his phone and find two dead marshals and Emily in a small boat, but Danny was captured by her captors. The marshal won't let Emily tell who she is testifying against. They figure out the target is weapons dealer Malcom Donner. Pride has to break it to Loretta that Danny is missing. She blames him for Danny being taken. A video of a beaten-up Danny is sent to Emily's phone. Pride leaves his gun and badge and goes after Donner's son Carsen. Pride moves Carsen's car to draw him out, then abducts Carsen to trade for Danny. Pride works him over in a motel room. The team has figured out that Pride took Carsen. Pride goes to Donner's residence to make his demands. Pride sets up the exchange in the middle of a field and gets Danny back. The squad figures out that Donner is using Danny to track Emily, and Pride comes to the same conclusion. They/re caught in a trap, but Pride's team shows up to rescue he and Danny, taking out all the gunmen. Pride agrees to work with Dr. Christo afterward.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

I know I love her, and I know I'd do anything to protect her. What?
Loretta; You sound like Dwayne.


I think Danny's lucky to be alive.