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LaSalle discovers Pride in his apartment, where Parsons had shot him three times. LaSalle pursues Parsons. She gets hit by a car then shot by LaSalle, but escapes in a stolen car. Sebastian and Loretta keep Pride alive until the ambulance arrives. Pride keeps seeing the Angel of Death in the former of Sutter, the dead CIA agent. Gibbs contacts LaSalle and tells him that Parsons blames Pride for the death of her husband, John Stone. Rita arrives from Washington. Two bullets are removed from Pride, but another fragment is too close to his heart and he needs to be operated on by a specialist in  Houston. Parsons escapes in a boat on the river. LaSalle lets out word Pride is still alive, to draw Parsons back. Rita tries to find a way to get Laurel back to New Orleans. Loretta gives Pride permission to let go. Parsons figures out LaSalle's plan and sneaks into the hospital as an injured woman. Parsons knocks out Gregorio with an oxygen tank and takes her gun. Loretta and Rita move Pride to the morgue and Parsons tracks them down. While Loretta tries to keep Pride alive, Rita fires back at Parsons then LaSalle and Sebastian catch up with her. Pride flatlines. LaSalle tracks down Parsons. Sebastian keeps him from shooting Parsons despite her reaching for her gun. Pride refuses to step into the light, as Laurel's voice brings him back to life. Gibbs arranged for Laurel to get military transport home. Pride is stable. He gets airlifted to Houston to have a bullet fragment removed, but still sees Sutter. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Gregorio: We need to maintain the media blackout.
Sebastian: That's easy because we don't know anything.

LaSalle: You really think Pride's gonna pull through?
Gregorio: Absolutely.