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A sailor trying to help a driver is killed when the car explodes. The timer failed, so it's impossible to tell when the bomb was supposed to go off. The sailor was part of a student-protest group. Pride talks to the group's leader, Bernadine Caldwell, and her students. Bernadine points him toward a former member, Yasmin Hendricks, who was also the sailor's girlfriend. Sebastian and Gregorio find bombmaking components in Yasmin's trunk, then arrest her. They're looking for four other bombs. Hannah squares off against Yasmin in interrogation. Yasmin is a self-taught radical. Yasmin felt betrayed by Bernadine. Yasmin got kicked out of the group because she wanted to burn down the system. Bernadine used to be a radical, fugitive bombmaker. She pulls a gun on Pride after Sebastian notifies him about Bernadine. She denies having anything to do with the new bomb. Pride talks her into helping find Yasmin's other bombs. Hannah turns the sprinkler on Yasmin, to get her out of her suit. Hannah and Pride try to play Yasmin against Bernadine and vice versa. Bernadine thinks a pharmaceutical conference is a target. Hannah accuses Yasmin of burning down her own house to get back at her mom. The sailor got killed after breaking up with her. The zoo where Bernadine had broken up with Yasmin is one target. Sebastian sets off the fail-safe when he lifted the lid of the box it was stored inside, and LaSalle refuses to leave him. Sebastian defuses it.  Pride sends in Bernadine to confront Yasmin. Yasmin poisoned Bernadine's inhaler, which killed her. A bomb goes off near NCIS headquarters. It's been staged, so Yasmin will spill the bomb's locations to Hannah. Hannah goes to watch her daughter Naomi, who lives with her ex in New Orleans. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

We are rational, not radical.

Bernadine [to Pride]

I'd say good morning, but 7 a.m. is too early to deal with this kind of tragedy.