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Pride hallucinates he's back in his apartment in New Orleans, talking again with the Angel of Death. Instead, Walker is torturing him for information about Apollyon. Isler didn't survive his wounds. Walker thinks Pride has a laptop with Apollyon information on it. Homeland Security has gotten involved, with Agent Parker taking over the investigation. Loretta shoots adrenaline into Isler, waking his up. The team brainstorms at Pride's bar and Jimmy interrupts them. They ask Jimmy to hide Isler. Parker was the first to investigate Walker and Apollyon, which was why she was put in charge. Jimmy finds a map to the laptop in Pride's piano. He tells Jimmy to visit their father's crypt. Dwayne hid the laptop in Jimmy's spot. But Parker tracked them, takes the laptop, and suspends Hannah. Isler takes their car and trails Parker. Pride is resisting mind-altering drugs. Parker has taken the laptop to a nearby facility. Gregorio decides to break in, and Sebastian follows her.  They disrupt Parker's upload as Sebastian shoots the computer. Rita arrives to detain Parker, suspected of being Walker's mole, for the FBI. Pride is being interrogated on a plane, which just landed in Brownsville, Texas. The team heads there. Walker is after information in his personnel file. NCIS and other law enforcement assault Walker's compound from ground, sea and air. Pride has been hallucinating about an unknown boy throughout his ordeal. His mother urges him to fight back. Pride sticks a needle into the woman who has been drugging him and escapes. Pride lines up to shoot Walker and the Angel of Death stops him. It's actually Lasalle. Walker escapes but Pride knows where he's going and beats him there. Walker's son lives there with his adopted family. Walker pulls his weapon but Gregorio takes him out.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

Did the plan work?

Isler [to Loretta]

I know you're scared and you have a right to be. Because this is going to hurt. A lot.

Walker [to Pride]