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The team investigates the death of a woman who was impersonating a dead Navy sergeant.  She was one of a number of women on an "honor kill" hit list - women who had been smuggled to the U.S. in order to seek safety from their families, women who had all spent time at a women's shelter in Kabul. The dead woman was connected to Layla Shakarsi - who is Mike Frank's daughter-in-law.  (The back story about Layla is that she was the first girl rescued years ago by Mike Franks from Afghanistan.  Franks had revealed to Gibbs that he had been operating an underground railroad to rescue abused Afghani women by smuggling them into the U.S.  At the time, he had asked Gibbs to help but Gibbs refused.  Shortly after, the women that Franks had wanted to rescue were killed in a bomb - something for which Gibbs had suffered regret.) After catching the woman's killer and interrogating him, Gibbs and McGee head to Afghanistan to discover the source who leaked the names of the women and find themselves under attack by disgruntled locals.  Gibbs stands up to the locals and is rescued by a U.N. team just before things could get violent.  Gibbs and McGee bring the women from the Afghan shelter home. 

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

Franks: Have you lost all shred of human decency? This is not a game! This is life or death to these women.
Gibbs: You don't know that.
Franks: The hell I don't! These girls are in danger, even in the shelters! And when the U.S. finishes its military pullout, it's game over for them. Look at them. Look at their faces.
Gibbs: I'm a federal agent, and I cannot lend material support to a human smuggling operation.
Franks: When did you start caring about the rules?
Gibbs: My rules!
Franks: Yeah? Which ones?
Gibbs: Rule 10: Never get personally involved on a case. Rule 14: bend the line, don't break it. Human smuggling breaks it.
Franks: You already got involved once. Or don't you remember how Layla and Amira got here?
Gibbs: How do you choose, Mike? Huh? Who do you pick? You can start it, but how do you stop it? You're not God.
Franks: He's sitting this one out.
Gibbs: I can't do it. Can't do it.

Grady: You all really care. About the job, but also about each other.
Tony: Well sometimes it's a pain in the ass.