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NCIS are notified about the murdered body of Private John Wallace, who was dumped in a forest area.

The team learns that he went to Remington Military Academy - the same school Tony went to. Before he died someone called him - though his phone was missing.

Meanwhile, Bishop and her husband Jake invite McGee, Gibbs and Tony out for dinner.

When he died, Wallace had a photo in his hand - a picture of a woman who was also from the Academy, named Christine Sanders. She died from an overdose of pills. Wallace was her commanding officer.

McGee finds out that the person who called Wallace the night of his death was another cadet named Lucas Craig.

Craig confirms to Bishop and Tony that Wallace and Sanders were dating, and that he had called Wallace on the night of his death to let him know about Sanders' death.

Abby traces Wallace's missing cell phone to Frederick Cantor's house, an alumni of the Academy. Gibbs interviews Cantor who apparently was Wallace's mentor.

Just as Bishop and Tony get back to D.C. someone calls them from the Academy wanting to provide more information. He doesn't want to talk over the phone but face to face. They turn around and drive six hours back.

Gibbs and Jake are sitting at a table in a restaurant when they receive news that Tony and Bishop won't be joining them. McGee walks in and sees just the two of them sitting there, so he turns and quickly leaves.  Gibbs takes the opportunity to ask Malloy about Russian-Palestinian relations.

Tony's mysterious caller turns out to a fellow cadet buddy named Travis Phelps - a.k.a "Piggy".

Phelps is afraid of the Academy. He tells Tony and Bishop that Christine was pushed to her suicide. He tells them about how the Honor Corps disciplined Christine Sanders every night for a month before she committed suicide. He says that he told Wallace about what happened too and adds that Wallace went back to confront the Honor Corps.

Gibbs finds out that Christine had a stalker who followed her home and made his way into her house.

Tony and Bishop re-interview Craig, who tells them he stalked her and got thrown in the police jail because of it. They accuse him of using Honor Corps to get back at her. Craig tells them that Wallace confronted him. He says that Tanner prevented them from fighting.

Abby discovers that the tire tracks at the murder scene belong to Tanner.  Tony gets him to open the trunk of his car. Bishop scans for and finds blood remnants. Tony arrests him for Wallace's murder.

Tony interviews Tanner, who says he doesn't know how the blood got in his trunk. He mentions that everyone knows where he keeps his spare key.

Abby examines Tanner's car and finds traces of paraffin wax.

Gibbs goes to Cantor who confesses to killing Wallace. He was worried about Wallace destroying the tradition of the Honor Corps. He confesses to killing Wallace, and is arrested.

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

Tanner: You have an opportunity here. You have talent on the basketball court. You're smart. You don't like rules and regulations, me neither. You going to let that stop you?
Young Tony: It's self-preservation.
Tanner: You worried about Cadet Golan?
Young Tony: Yeah, he runs Honor Corps. It's only a matter of time.
Tanner: Honor Corps won't touch you.
Young Tony: How do you know that?
Tanner: 'Cause you're a starter on the varsity basketball team, DiNozzo. And I look out for my guys. Now there are things about this school that are going to change. Honor Corps is one of them. This is a good place. You it all, don't run. Take a stand and I'll stand with you.

Bishop: It's your past, Tony. And it's a good one.
Tony: I have a tricky relationship with the past. I can either bury it or fixate on it. Still working out the kinks.
Bishop: Well whatever happened in your past helped make you the awesome guy you are today.