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Navy Seals rescue Sarah Goode from terrorists in Syria, after she had been captured while working as a volunteer at a Syrian orphanage.

Back at NCIS, McGee and Bishop are intrigued by Tony's behavior. He is mellow and hasn't been picking on McGee lately. McGee deliberately spills some coffee on Tony's car magazine, which Tony takes in stride.

Abby uncovers evidence obtained by the Navy Seals that there was an American among the terrorists, a Maryland man by the name of Kyle Nasry.

Vance assigns Gibbs the job of debriefing Sarah Goode in her hotel room after she comes back to America. Gibbs and Bishop do so, but Goode is unable to provide any decent information on her captors. When Gibbs shows her Nasry's picture, she says she doesn't recognize him. She says the terrorists spoke very little English and were always masked when they were around her.

McGee and Tony interview Nasry's mother Rachel Nasry, who has no idea her son has become involved with terrorists, believing that he's traveling in Greece. Kyle's father was born in Syria, though he came to America as a young boy. Kyle went to an episcopal high school where he played football. Kyle had just broken up with Chelsea, his girlfriend.

Bishop expresses concern to Ducky that Sarah is handling her ordeal way too well.

McGee and Tony go to interview Nasry's ex-girlfriend Chelsea who is working as a pet groomer. She explains that he began acting strange, and hanging out with negative people. They were radical and extremist. After arguing with him about all the negativity around him and his friends, she had broken up with him.

Abby uncovers more evidence indicating that yet another American had been working with the terrorists and Kyle Nasry. Randall White had served with the Army in Afghanistan, but had received a bad conduct discharge in 2010 for insubordination. While imprisoned for aggravated assault he had converted to Islam.

Vance alerts the team that White's passport was scanned at Dulles 15 minutes ago. Gibbs, Tony and Bishop head to the airport. White gets into a cab and McGee tracks the cab's GPS. Instead of capturing him, McGee has the cab company call the driver to obtain the cab's destination.  Suspicious of the phone call, White has the cab driver stop and he gets out, while phoning Nasry on his phone to clear out of his hotel.

Gibbs continues driving while Tony and Bishop go out on foot. Just as the team surrounds him, White pulls a gun and shoots himself with a plastic gun.

While on her way to examine the plastic gun, Zoe Keates shows up at Tony's desk. He warns her that he wants to keep their relationship secret - he doesn't want to be the number one topic of gossip. Unbeknownst to either of them, Bishop and McGee have been hiding behind the partition, listening to every word.

Gibbs visits Goode at the hotel again. Gibbs watches her closely as he tells her that White killed himself. He notices the grief in her eyes.  After Gibbs leaves, Nasry comes out of the bathroom. They're planning something.

Bishop and Fornell stake out Nasry's mother's place. She comes out to talk to Fornell, informing him that Kyle had just called looking for money and asking to meet with him.

They capture and arrest Kyle. 

Vance is at an luncheon to honor Imam Musa ibn Hasan, an outspoken critic against jihadists. Radical Islamists have offered a reward for his death. Sarah Goode walks in. She tells Vance she's been invited to meet with him privately after the speech.

Gibbs interview Kyle who refuses to say anything.

Abby uncovers some unedited video of Sarah Goode's plea for the U.S. to send money to free her. In that footage they realize she's in collusion with her supposed captors.

Gibbs calls Vance at the club, who rushes to the Imam, who is just now meeting with Sarah Goode. Just as she pulls out a plastic gun to shoot him, Vance grabs her. She is arrested and taken away.

Tony and Zoe's secret is revealed when McGee finds Zoe waiting in the parking lot for Tony. In honor of them coming out, Zoe announces that Tony will treat everyone to drinks. Gibbs and Fornell take a rain check.

Fornell invites Gibbs for dinner, as their ex mother-in-law is making lamb goulash. Gibbs "rain checks" that too.

As Fornell and Gibbs leave the office, they glance up at a photo of Sergei Mishnev. Fornell asks Gibbs to do him a favor: when Gibbs is about to take Mishnev down, Fornell wants "a piece of him".

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 12 Quotes

Zoe: Relax, Spider. They know about us.
Tony: Who knows?
Everyone: We all know.
Gibbs: It's about time. Geeze.
Tony: How did you find out?
McGee: We're trained investigators, my friend.
Zoe: And in honor of us coming out, Tony is going to buy everyone drinks.
Tony: I am?
Zoe: Yeah. You are. C'mon. Get your coat.
Tony: Yeah, boss.

You make me a promise. When you find this monster, I get a piece of him.