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NCIS investigates the death of a Marine, which they quickly determine was caused by a hit and run car accident as the Marine was out jogging in the early morning fog.

Abby uses her forensics skills to determine the make and model of the very expensive vehicle that killed him, and it doesn't take the team long to track down the vehicle and its owner.

Unfortunately, the owner of the vehicle wasn't the driver, as he was passed out drunk at the time. Someone stole the car from his open garage and took it on a joyride.

A bracelet in the car leads them to a pair of high school girls. Video surveillance reveals that one of them, Maya, was the driver. Maya breaks down in interrogation and admits her guilt.

Her friend, Genevieve, mysteriously goes on the run with her parents. The confused NCIS team discovers that Genevieve was illegally adopted by the Bells after her teenage birth mother overdosed and her father was in prison.

They swiftly locate the Bells and bring in Genevieve's biological father, who wonders if there is an opportunity to get money from the Bells out of this.

After meeting Genevieve, however, he quickly agrees to sign over his parental rights to the Bells.

Meanwhile, Director Vance's daughter Kayla is arrested for shoplifting. Vance eventually figures out that she's covering for her legally-an-adult friend whose college prospects would be seriously threatened by a conviction.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 13 Quotes

Maya: Can we do this [questioning] after practice?
Torres: We don’t make appointments.

Welcome to the uncomfortable room with the one-way mirror.