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Fornell turns to Gibbs for assistance when his daughter is rushed to the hospital after apparently being drugged. 

Fornell lashed out at the hospital staff for not giving him some solid answers, and pulle a gun on the doctor. 

Gibbs managed to get the man back into visit his daughter after he chatted with some people, but there was a lot of drama. 

Gibbs took on the case, even though he shouldn't have, but he had a hallucination of Diane in his mind, making things more difficult. 

At one point, Fornell said that he needed Gibbs to chat to the version of their ex-wife because there was a disconnect between them. 

In turn, Diane said that there was always be a part of the deceased people with the people they loved. 

No sooner did Gibbs get a moment to let that breathe when Ziva David walked down the stairs to his workshop. She revealed that she had no time for pleasantries because they were all in trouble. 

Could this be linked to the face from the past who wanted to take Ziva's family down? 

We have no idea, but we're intrigued. 

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