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Torres wakes up, dazed and confused, wondering what happened to him. 

in his quest for answers, his motorcycle turns up, with a dead body wrapped in a carpet underneath. 

His team members start to make sense of what happened, and it emerges he was roofied. 

His retina was copied with high-res photos and he was used to steal crystals he helped find five years earlier. 

The woman who worked in the marine team was the one to steal them and she hid them in a shark tank with the aim of evading justice and taking them thereafter. 

Gibbs noticed the crystals were in the tank and the woman was arrested. 

Meanwhile, Bishop told Gibbs that Ziva's office needed to be emptied, and he shouted that he would do it. 

He later allowed her to clear the office, but we never got to see the results of it. 

Vance found himself being investigated by the CIA, so he decided to play them at their own game and bought his new girlfriend a necklace. 

In doing so, he recorded her having a conversation with her boss who worked in the CIA. 

The CIA boss asked the NCIS team to help out to take Crawford down. 


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NCIS Season 16 Episode 18 Quotes

Bishop: Hey, have you seen Torres?
McGee: Um, I'm doing fine. Thank you for asking.
Bishop: Oh, okay, McGee, I just saw you like eight hours ago. Do we really need to debrief every morning?
McGee: Well, I guess not.

McGee: How many times did you try calling him?
Bishop: Thirteen, I just, I really hate paperwork.
McGee: No judgments.