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Gibbs called a victim "bean counter." Rude!

Gibbs was an ornery teenager and tried to tap into the phone system at the beginning of the internet so he could call his father while he was deployed. Instead, he jacks up the telephone pole and puts out his own electricity.

Since the dead bean counter was using Tim's high school password and has phone calls from Edward Kane from his phone to Tim's old high school, McGee and Torres plan a little trip.

McGee wanted to be a writer until Mr. Lewis encouraged him to go to the Navy instead. Going to the Navy was the last thing McGee ever wanted to do.

When someone is murdered in their apartment, McGee has to tell his wife that he once shot someone in their apartment. 

While all of this is going on, the team is getting audited.

McGee tries to remember everything he did with the computer when he was a kid, but it comes down to a lot of girl crush things and arguments with his father about tap dancing.

It turns out McGee programmed the computer to take down the Department of Defense.

Tim was talking to his gal pal, Chloe, about kissing and what it means going forward. Tim's adamant he's not giving up on his dreams just to make his father happy. 

Tim's dad was the kind of guy you listen to, rhetoric and all. You get smacked and lose your tap shoes if you don't.

As they talk it out, McGee realizes his virus has been running for the past 25 years, and Mr. Lewis is the guy who stole it.

How scary is it that all IP addresses seem so damned similar? is the number of Tim's old computer lab station in high school. 

Tim's father enrolls him in a Naval Academy and sets the interview. Tim caves on his dreams, according to Chloe.

And of course, it's Chloe at the heart of it all. As we knew since there was no other reason for Tim to be thinking of their time together.

McGee's dad got him another pair of tap shoes to replace those he lost. Or he never got rid of them. His dad once tapped, too. They're his dad's shoes!

McGee wears his tappers to the office and taps in the morgue. 


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NCIS Season 16 Episode 14 Quotes

Gibbs: Rule 99.
Sloane: Never tells Gibbs he's being audited.
Torres: That's not a real thing.

Did you think I was organizing my receipts for fun? No, that's something dorks who build their own computers do.