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NCIS is called to the scene of a triple murder after a gunman entered a radio station and shots and killed the producer, radio host and guest speaker - a Navy Commander.

The intended target was the politically outspoken radio host, Adam Gayter.

A notable piece of fan-mail that Gayter recently received depicting a cartoon stating “Join or Die” is linked back to mail carrier Matt Lane.

Lane claims that he tried to get Gayter to make a celebrity appearance at a local charity event but declined and the cartoon was a joke.

Recorded calls reveal that Gayter recently received a call from a local number traced back to a gated community called Royal Woods.

The recorded voice on the other end was asking Gayter if he gave it more thought about joining M.A.H. (Military at Home).

The voice behind the call is Arthur Haskell, banker and resident of Royal Woods, who recently lost his wife to a home invasion robbery.

Haskell, along with other members of this gated community, was looking to recruit Gayter to lead their cause. McGee hacks into Haskell’s personal information and discovers that Haskell was meeting with Deeter Johanson, a wanted explosive dealer.

Haskell purchased a bomb from Deeter and was meeting him to negotiate the cost of a detonator. Ziva goes undercover - as her past self - to intercept the meeting letting Haskell know that Deeter is no longer available.

His neighbor, Zach Nelson, recently went on a hunting trip with Haskell. Nelson was the shooter and wanted to silence Gayter, who was about to reveal to the audience Haskell’s plan to use a bomb to blow up a building at Norfolk Naval base.

But, in tracking Haskell down we find him badly beaten at his house and the bomb missing. Mailman Matt Lane, who was to plant the bomb on base, found out that Haskell used stolen Al Qaeda money and didn’t like the idea that this patriotic organization was being funded by our enemies.

Lane took the bomb and the team races against the clock to track it down before he sets it off at a softball game.

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