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-Phil Kirkman was the Hawks' mascot six years ago when he knocked down Marcus, a player causing the team to lose a chance at the playoffs. The team hasn't made the playoffs since and believe they are under the Kirkman curse.

-Kirkman stands on a building ledge and insists he needs to speak with someone from the Hawks. The police get him down and the Hawks send Dr. Dani to visit him.

-Kirkman wants to apologize to Marcus in person. Dani arranges it and Marcus forgives him but Kirkman wants his job as mascot back. When Dani tells him that won't happen he becomes suicidal.

-Dani is able to talk him off the ledge and diagnoses him with Asperger's syndrome. Kirkman continues therapy with Dani.

-Dani allows her kids to stay home alone while she goes out with JD. They think they hear someone breaking in and call TK. TK finds that their robber is a stray pigeon. 

-TK woos sports reporter Vivica Stevens but isn't sure if she's only nice to him to get more information for her story.

-Nico does a background check on JD and crashes his and Dani's date where he admits he was once married.

-When JD wants Dani to spend a month in the Congo with him, they both realize that their lives won't work together and they break up.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Matt: Since you obviously didn't pay attention at the last sexual harassment seminar.
TK: I thought that was a how to.

I survived grandma for 18 years. You guys can handle her for one itty bitty night.