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Max meets with the board and talks with others about implementing new plans.

A patient Josette comes in and Reynolds determined she had broken heart syndrome.

Iggy's new patient Leo is a young boy who has trouble staying awake and wetting the bed. Iggy notices the boy is on half a dozen medications.He needs the boy off of his meds so he can see what the kid's problem is.

Max is supposed to see Helen, but he is avoiding her. She calls him out on it and urges him to take better care of himself.

Josette needs surgery,but she wants her family to do a protection ritual first. Floyd refuses. Josette ends up coding every time they try to move her. Everyone tells Floyd that maybe he should let the family do their ritual.

Iggy asks Leo's mother for permission to take him off the meds. She tells Iggy and Kapoor that Leo was having outbursts at school.

Iggy and Kapoor come up with a plan to help Leo. The psychiatrist for all the schools in Queens tells them that it's the law for Leo to take these meds otherwise he can't go to his or any other school. Max tells then that if it's necessary take the school to court.

Lauren tells Floyd that the ritual has nothing to do with him or his abilities. Josette keeps getting worse and he can't operate until he gets her under control.

Helen gets emotional to the point of having to step away after telling a cancer patient bad news and hearing her heartbreaking story.

Max checks in on Georgia. He tells her that he's there for her this time and it's different. He gets paged, and she tells him to go but they should talk later and he needs to let her in.

Kapoor gives a passionate argument for why they need Leo off his meds. The school shows video footage of Leo getting violent with a kid.

Floyd lets the family do the ritual. While scrubbing in, Lauren points put that floyd does his own rituals.

Max escaped to the rooftop for a break. He bumps into Helen. They talk about why he has to make things up to georgia and she urges him to tell Georgia the truth.

Josette dies on the table but floyd has to massage her heart to bring her back to life.

Leo tells Iggy that his dad dying is his fault and that the boy he punched said he should be dead instead of his father and he had enough. Iggy explains to the courts and says he can help. Leo smiles.

Kapoor calls his estranged son.

Helen paints her patient's nails.

The OB tells Max that Georgia is under stress and can't take physical or any other stress. Max was going to tell her about his cancer but now he can't. He tells Georgia how much he loves her instead.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Who needs breakfast, am I right? Fistful of pills every morning.


Iggy: Based on your extensive experience--
Kapoor: You mean to say old?
Iggy: Yes, exactly. How long do you think this Max guy can shake things up before the Dean steps in?
Kapoor: Not long. Dean of Medicine does not like things shaken up. Based on my extensive experience.