I hate New Amsterdam!


Max: Five years ago, I was dying. My cancer treatment wasn't working. I couldn't swallow my own saliva; I couldn't stand without support. I didn't even know if I would see my own daughter be born, but then this place, New Amsterdam, saved me. So it's a great honor and perhaps a fitting legacy to announce today that our partnership with Ithaca pharmaceuticals has won the battle against bulky large cell lymphoma, and we did not just find a treatment; we found a cure.
Karen: To curing cancer!

Max: You think she did all this for me?
Wilder: When you love someone, you will do anything to protect them. Even this.
Max: Would you?
Wilder: Do this for you? It's unethical. Would you? For me?
Max: It's unethical.
Wilder: Then why do we feel bad?

Doctor: What's your name, son?
Young Max: Maximus Leonard Goodwin.
Doctor: That's a nice name. Think I can call you Max? How can I help?

If New Amsterdam has taught me anything, it's H-O-P-E.  There's no one I'd rather leave this hospital to than you.

Max [to Wilder]

Young Iggy: Why are you telling me this?
Iggy's Brother: I don't know, freak, I'm just making conversation.
Young Iggy: No, it's not. You, mom, dad, everybody always talks at me. It's always weird, private grownup stuff that they never share with anyone else, but why does everyone think they can just dump their crap on me? They act like I'm invisible.
Iggy's Brother: Listen, you're the opposite of invisible, Iggy. You're like a rock, or a mountain, or something. You don't judge. You just listen. And I don't know why, but you being here listening, it just kind of makes things better.

Max: How can Helen do this? She knows that trial diversity is an issue. Of all people, she would've shut this down.
Wilder: Maybe under normal circumstances, yes, yes, but when the trial started, things were different.
Max: Different? How? Medical bias didn't start three years ago.
Wilder: You don't see it?
Max: See what?
Wilder: She did it to save your life.

Max: I'm going to miss this place.
Wilder: It won't be e the same without you. Today is proof that you made the right decision, don't you think?
Max: Every year, Luna looks forward to that mermaid parade, and every year, I keep letting her down. This time in her life is so brief and so special, and I've missed so much of it being here. It's time to make her the center of my life, even if it means leaving behind things that I love 

Iggy: She's going to die in the streets.
Lou: Probably. Land of the free, Iggy. Land of the free.

Wilder: You'll be back. You can't leave this place for good. You can't.
Max: If I come back, it won't be for this hospital.
Wilder: And what makes you think I'll be here waiting for you?

I just want to own a trial that doesn't say "Whites Only."


And from that moment, because of those words, I knew I was going to be a doctor, and, um, I share this with you now, not just so you can imagine me as an adorable little five-year-old, but because I want you to remember when that moment was for you. When you knew this was your calling because this job can wear you down even on the best days, it takes a toll on your heart. If you find yourself in a tough moment feeling like all is lost, feeling what you do doesn't matter, I want you to remember why you became a doctor in the first plate and let that moment be your north star. I never imagined I would be saying goodbye to this hospital to this incredible group of people, but I think I did what I came here to do, which is to make New Amsterdam a place of hope for those who need it most and now the time has come for new challenges.

Adult Max

New Amsterdam Quotes

Floyd: You know I miss my favorite scrub nurse in OR today, JJ.
Max: Devlin?
Floyd: Yeah.
Max: He passed away a few months ago. COVID.
Floyd: That's too bad.
Max: Everything's changed.

Michae: You've raised an amazing woman.
Lynn's Mom: Thank you.
Michael: That's why I'm withdrawing my case. He can't grow up in foster care. My son needs to be with people who love him even if it's not with me. And if you do as good a job as you did with Lynn ...