Leyla: I hope you're hungry, boss. How was the first day back?
Lauren: We have to break up. I run the ED at one of the busiest hospitals, and I don't have time to think about the smell of your hair and your lips. You make me soft... I'm sorry, this is over.

Floyd: It was a mistake. He made a mistake.
Social Worker: Is this a recommendation for leniency?
Floyd: It's a recommendation for forgiveness.

Javier: So I haven't been controlling the weather?
Iggy: No, the weather has been controlling you.

Whatever the hell you did on vacation, you need to shake it off. You've gone soft, and it's putting our patients at risk.


I'm sorry, let me get this knife out of my back.


I'm going to fix Global Warming ... at New Amsterdam.


Lauren: Casey, I appreciate you, and I don't say that enough.
Casey: What?!

Lauren: I was surprised, OK? I was just surprised.
Leyla: What, that I liked you?
Lauren: No. I was surprised that it felt normal. I'm not used to it. Normal. Real.
Leyla: You think this is real?
Lauren: I've been thinking about you all day, and I don't think you should walk out that door.

Helen: Max.
Max: Yeah.
Helen: What you said earlier...
Max: What did I say?
Helen: I'm really glad we're friends.
Max: Me too.

I'm sorry about Cassian. I want to say, I don't know what to say. I mean we never talk about it.


Mina: How do you do this every day? Don't you get sad?
Helen: As part of being a doctor I have to put some things away.
Mina: Well I don't want to do that. I can't!

Mina: Is this the guy you were dating.
Helen: What, no...
Max: Quick question, did you say were dating?

New Amsterdam Quotes

Lauren: How many times did you scrub each finger?
Floyd: What?
Lauren: How many times?
Floyd: 10.
Lauren: Why not nine or, uh, 11? Superstition?
Floyd: Routine.
Lauren: What was that thing you were reciting earlier?
Floyd: Invictus.
Lauren: Oh. Do you always recite Invictus while scrubbing in?
Floyd: I do.
Lauren: Kind of like prayer?
Floyd: Lauren, have it.
Lauren: Ritual. Loosen up Dr. Reynolds, not everything is going to go according to your plan. [under breath] Or everyone.

Can we start tonight? I want to keep fighting. Ending be damned.