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  • It's a heatwave. 
  • Chance tells Iggy that he needs to keep seeing him, and Iggy threatens to call the police if Chance keeps pursuing Iggy and Martin.
  • Mina doesn't want to go to a therapist. 
  • Lauren and Leyla are hot and heavy and Lauren took the week off to have sex with her.
  • Lauren is all happy and it's throwing everyone off. 
  • Floyd saves a kid who was left in the hot car.
  • Max insists that he wants to fix Global Warming. 
  • Iggy speaks to a patient who believes that he can control the weather with his mind.
  • Max wants the Radiology department to ration gloves.
  • It's a doctor whose kid was in the car. He can't believe that he did it. He got an emergency page and forgot that his son was in the car. 
  • Helen's patient has Malaria. 
  • Lauren tries to break up with Leyla thnking that she's made her soft but Leyla refuses and they're fine. 
  • Iggy comes home and when his daughter comes back from playing she has Chance's hat on and menitons Iggy's friend. 
  • Max instills some changes that makes everyone uncomfortable. 
  • Floyd proposes that CPS show some forgivness and leniency with the doctor who left his boy in the hot car. 
  • Helen goes to the Islam Cultural Center for some clarity.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

I'm going to fix Global Warming ... at New Amsterdam.


Lauren: Casey, I appreciate you, and I don't say that enough.
Casey: What?!