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Jess seizes the opportunity to cook dinner for her school crush, Paul. Nick is dismayed that their "Dudesgiving" is being abandoned in favor of a traditional Thanksgiving. Schmidt is roped in to cook this short-on-notice dinner, but Cece invades the kitchen while he cooks, leading to some tension, some of it sexual. Winston warms up to Paul, but Nick and Jess get into an argument because of Nick's inability to be nice. Unfortunately, the whole group hears. Fortunately, this doesn't drive Paul away. After moving to their absent neighbor's apartment to try to finish dinner, an unwelcome surprise kills the mood. They end the day at Black Friday in Best Buy, where the group, including Paul, put away their differences.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Oh my God, there's two of them!


Well I can blanch or I can talk but I can't do both!