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When Jess' friends, a lesbian couple (Melissa and Sadie), come over for dinner, they tell Jess about how drastically a women's egg count drops at the age of 30. Jess becomes highly concerned about her age and having kids. She drags Cece along to the gynecologist to get them both checked out. It turns out Jess is perfectly healthy, but Cece finds out that she needs to start thinking about having children immediately if she wants them.  Her boyfriend tells her he wants kids eventually, maybe in 10 years. Cece looks devastated. 

Meanwhile, Schmidt is carrying on his dominant/submissive relationship with his boss and finding that he's not pleasing her in the same way he did with Cece. Worried it has to do with his skills in the bedroom, he seeks out Jess' friend Sadie, the gynecologist to ask for pointers in the bedroom.

When Sadie tells Schmidt he does know what he's doing in the bedroom, he rushes back to sleep with his boss again, but still finds that they don't have the same chemistry as him and Cece. Schmidt then realizes that he was in love with Cece and that unless feelings are involved, sex isn't as good for him. 

Winston is dealing with an adjusted schedule because of his late night radio show and he encourages Nick to follow his own dreams of writing a zombie novel.  When Nick feels less than inspired, he wakes Winston up and they head to the zoo in the hopes of finding inspiration for the novel. Even though the zoo doesn't do much for Nick, he ends up finishing the novel anyway after the encouragement from Winston. 

New Girl
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New Girl Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

What are you going to do for 20 minutes of foreplay? Boring! Yawn! Am I right, ladies?


Jess: What's the secret?
Sadie: It's about love, understanding and two sets of boobs!