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-Schmidt recruits Winston to play some pranks at Cece's wedding--knowing that Winston is terrible at pranks, and will definitely go overboard and ruin the wedding.

-Winston does indeed go overboard, and ends up stuck in the heating ducts with a badger.

-Jess, Nick, and Winston all end up into the heating ducts, chasing the badger before it can ruin the wedding.

-However, before they can catch it, the heating ducts collapse, dumping Jess and Nick right in front of the assembled wedding crowd, right as Cece takes her vows.

-Cece reveals, mid-vow, that she can't go through with it--she's still in love with Schmidt.

-Shivrang admits that he's in love with someone else, as well--his ex-girlfriend Elaine (Taylor Swift). Shivrang and Elaine run off to elope.

-Nick and Jess consider whether their relationship might be a mistake, but ultimately, decide to stay together.

-Elizabeth and Cece demand that Schmidt choose between them. Schmidt runs off before making a decision.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 2 Episode 25 Quotes

Schmidt gave me his worst suit! He said if I could get it over my thighs, he didn't want it!


I look very handsome! I look like I'm on "Miami Vice"!