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-Schmidt is despondent over his recent double break-up, and Jess fears that his depression will ruin the Halloween party that she is throwing in the loft.

-Nick, sad to see Schmidt suffer, reveals a secret to Jess--that Schmidt's mom sent Schmidt uplifting letters as a child, writing them herself but pretending that they were sent by Michael Keaton.

-As Schmidt went off to college, Nick took over the job, writing the Keaton letters (which were now emails) to him.

-To raise Schmidt's spirits now, the gang begins to send him Keaton emails once more.

-At first, the plot works. But Nick, Jess, and Winston go overboard with the emails, and Schmidt discovers the truth.

-Nick and Jess try to convince Schmidt that Michael Keaton has shown up outside their building on Halloween night, but the damage has already been done.

-Schmidt decided to move out.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Winston: Schmidt, you can't move out! Who's gonna do my fades?!
Jess: Yeah, who's gonna do his fades?!

I'm having a party tonight and I can't have him lying on the couch, wiping his tears with deli meat.