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On the midseason finale of Nikita:

- Michael and Amanda tell Alex she is going to graduate if she does a kill job. She tells Nikita and Nikita tells her she will help her. Flashback to Alex and Nikita discussing Alex’s entering Division. The flashback shows the set up of the crime that got Alex into Division in the first episode.

- Alex goes to a wedding planning posing as a wedding planner assistant/photographer. Nikita shows up and Alex insists on finishing the mission without Nikita’s help.

- Thom comes back and lets Alex know that Jaden is after her. Thom tells her about what it’s like being an agent and the effects of pulling the trigger. Alex plans bombs throughout Division and Thom catches Alex while she exists her hidden hatchet and Alex kills Thom and frames him for the bomb planting.

- Birkhoff runs a test he learned from Engineer and finds the shell program behind the firewall. Birkhoff finds out about the non-monitored chat and Percy confirms it goes to Nikita.

- Alex goes on her mission and fails to shoot the target. Nikita finds out that Division has found out about the shell program and she shows up and tells Alex to take her in. It’s the only way Alex will be kept alive for not killing her target. Michael tells Alex to tell everyone her gun jammed. Thom ends up killing the target.

- Percy brings in Alex to where Nikita is being held in Division. Percy and Nikita meet and send Percy sends in Amanda. Amanda plays a tape of Nikita talking to Amanda after her first mission and about Daniel. Thanks to the bombs Alex planted, Nikita breaks free and escapes.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I bet she used it to get into Percy's office too. Remember when Jerkoff tried to pin that on me?


It's a kill job. I kill, or be killed, everyone knows that. I like the sapphire dress too.