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On the first Nikita episode of 2011:

- Alex gets a microchip, her own car, apartment, and meets up with Nikita. The microchip can also kill Alex with the push of a button. She gets invited by her neighbor, Nathan, to a party. Back at Division, Amanda approached Alex about Nathan and tells her she can come to her to talk about him.

- Nikita and Fletcher meet to discuss stealing Birkhoffs laptop. Nikita and Alex meet and Nikita gives Alex a virus to put into Divisions computer. The CIA grabs Birkhoff, and Nikita explains Alex’s situation to Fletcher.

- Birkhoff unknowingly gives Nikita his laptop password, and she reroutes Alex’s tracking device. She also sends a message to everyone in Division, letting them know she’s going to bring them down.

- Nikita lets Alex know that as far as Division knows she’s at her apartment, and she can run and live a normal life.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Nikita: She wants you dude, congrats.
Fletcher: You're alive.
Nikita: You know, I never get tired of hearing that.

Don't try to take it out. It will trigger an instant alert. Bad times. You read me?