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This week on Nikita…

-Michael and Nikita arrive back in New York City. Michael heads back to Division and Nikita goes to save the only decrypter Percy hasn’t killed yet. Nikita calls to meet with Fletcher but he’s followed. Birkhoff realizes that Nikita has tipped Fletcher off about being followed.

-Back at Division, Amanda is torturing Alex with an electric chair when Percy walks in and orders her to leave. He asks to speak to Alex and shows her a tape of the group that hired Division to kill her family. Percy tells her he would have turned it down and that Nikita turned her against Division.  

-Percy shows Alex the video of Nikita telling Amanda she killed Alex’s father. Michael walks into Percy’s office to find Alex in the electric chair. He pulls the gun planned for Alex onto Percy. Percy zaps Michael and tries to make a deal with Alex. Percy wants Alex to go back to Nikita and lie. Alex goes back to Nikita, but Percy orders her kill anyway.

-Percy rigged everything Michael and Nikita thought they’d accomplished. On a mission Percy set up, Alex shoots Nikita.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Michael, if we succeed Percy goes down and you're free to go wherever you want. Like here, for example.


Nikita: Operation Sparrow. Honestly, where does he come up with these names?
Michael: The more innocuous they sound, the more lethal they are.