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- Percy has all guardians personally tracked. Michael is given an assignment to look over a guardian in PA. Birkhoff lets something slip about a secret mission Percy is planning. Michael wants to crack the blackbox Nikita wants to destroy.

- Nikita finds the guardian, and she has a family. Nikita wants to save the family so she talks to the guardian, and tells her to tell her family. The husband overreacts and the son runs away. Dana kills the Division agents assisting Michael after they use her son as bait for Nikita. Dana and her family go free and Nikita gains access to the black box.

- Alex tells Nathan about Division. He thinks she’s just trying to leave him. Jaden shows up at Alex’s place and tries to report Nathan. Jadan and Alex are fighting when Nathan walks in on it. Jaden attacks both Nathan and Alex and Nathan shoots and kills Jaden. Nikita advises Alex to report the death to Division.

- Amanda approaches Alex and now knows that she is Alexandra Udinov.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Here's Winters' tracker ID. Word of advice, don't let her catch you spying on her. These guardians are tightly wound freaks, just like their boss.


Alex: I look at you and you call your own shots. You're not running away.
Nikita: It doesn't mean I can't wait for this to be over.