Nikita Review: "Glass Houses"

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If you didn’t gasp at least twice at tonight’s episode of Nikita, you must not have been watching the right show. Udinov is definitely out of the bag, and Percy is beyond pissed that three out of his six black boxes are goners.

In "Glass Houses," you could tell it was very important to Nikita to find out if Dana’s husband would be supportive after finding out she was a "trained killer."

After all, she wishes she could have told Daniel. She saved a couple that could have potentially been her and Daniel had she come clean when he was alive.

But then we wouldn’t have Mikita would we?

Epic Nikita Moment

I’m glad they are showing Nikita still holding onto Daniel even though she is now with Michael. How funny/cute was it to see Michael and Nikita as a "married" couple? It’s also cute that they threw in Nikita being a vegetarian, as Maggie Q is one in real life.

As Lyndsy Fonseca said in my interview with her Thursday, we definitely did not see what was coming when it came to Jaden, or Amanda for that matter.

Now we know why Amanda was urging Jaden to get close with Alex: because she had the ear implant. Amanda will do whatever she has to do to find out what an agent is keeping from her.

The government really does use cochlear implants, so it was awesome to see Division use actual government tactics. Okay, okay, I’m officially convinced that Nathan is not Division. He saved Alex’s life, and for his own sake, I hope he left like she told him to.

If he doesn’t leave, I can definitely see Amanda and Percy using him as leverage to get information out of Alex.

So Nikita has full access to a blackbox! What will she do now? I don’t blame Dana for shooting the Division agents that threatened her son. Was that a smile I saw on Michaels face at the dead agents?

You can definitely see where Nikita has taught him the right way to be as a human being. I was touched by his admission to her, that he doesn’t know how to plan positive outcomes. Percy has turned him into such a monster that he doesn’t realize he’s actually saving lives now.

He needs Nikita just as much as Nikita needs him.

What do you think Amanda will do with Alex now? What do you want Nikita to do with the black box? Discuss below!

Glass Houses Review

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