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  • Alex and Sean find out that Cassandra is working for Gogol and let Nikita know. Michael wants to go and take Max away from her, but Nikita talks him out of it. Instead they go to Moscow to confront her. They realize that Ari has used her to set up the assassination plot against Semak. They stop that plan, but Ari takes advantage of the situation and still kills Semak.
  • Semak shows up and confronts Alex looking for Katya. He thought that Alex took her. Since neither of them took Katya, Alex makes a public plea to talk to her mother. She finds her mother at one of their former vacation homes being guarded by Division. With Semak dead, Ari wants Alex to sign over all her shares of Zetrov over to him. Alex refuses to give them to Ari and Alex. Alex, Sean and Katya escape. Alex sends her mother away with Sean for her protection, while she goes after Amanda.
  • Ari let MI6 know about Cassandra's work for him. Nikita goes to get Max. With both Gogol and MI6 after Cassandra, Nikita flies a plane and blows it up making it look like Cassandra and Max died.
  • Michael says good bye to Cassandra and Max and they took off for a secret location.
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Nikita Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

What I did, I did to win her. I will always want her by my side.


Women make the best double agents. Trust me.