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Four Division agents are executed making everyone at Division nervous, especially Amanda. Nikita and team find out about the assassinations and look into it. It turns out that Percy is behind the killings, but kidnapped an agent to make it look like it was Gogol. Since Amanda is working with Ari, she knows it isn't Gogol, but Percy trying to undermine her authority at Division. Amanda wants Percy and reaches out to Nikita to find him. Amanda reveals that Ryan Fletcher is still alive and offers to trade him to Nikita for Percy. Nikita's team tracks Percy and captures him. They expect Amanda to double cross them during the exchange of Percy and Ryan. During the exchange, Nikita gets Ryan back, but Percy gets free. Back at Nikita's safe house, Carla realizes that Nikita knew she was working with Percy and approaches Birkhoff. She ends up getting shot and dies. In Moscow, Alex and Sean attempt to free her mother from Semak, but she was no longer in the house. Sean copies Ari's computer drive and they find out Cassandra is working with Ari. He plans on using her to kill Semak.

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Nikita Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

That's long gone. My identity came out with the whole Gates house coverage thing. Although I can't say I have my own hashtag like somebody I know.


Ba ba ba ba ba. It's not yours to question the genius only to marvel at it.