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  • While in prison, Ryan figures out how Division funds itself.
  • He arranges to get a message to Nikita.
  • Amanda intercepts the message between Ryan and Nikita.
  • Ryan turns down an offer from Oversight member, Gaines, to work for them and they try to kill him.
  • Nikita and Michael try to save Ryan, but Roan gets to him first and kills him.
  • Nikita leaves Michael behind to kill Gaines, but Sean kills him first.
  • Gogol sends a team after Alex, which includes her childhood friend, Yuri.
  • Ryan isn't dead. Amanda faked his death and wants him to help her bring Oversight down.
  • Sean wants to leave Division and Oversight, but tells his mother he will stay to protect her.
  • Amanda tells Alex she needs to stay in the Division compound for her own protection.
  • Michael tells Nikita she better never leave him behind again; he cares about her too much.
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Nikita Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You ever pull a stunt like that again, we're through.


Yuri's been canceled.