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  • Michael goes to London to see his son, Max.
  • While there Cassandra is attacked and then taken hostage.
  • Michael and Nikita rescue her and then she reveals she is MI-6.
  • Cassandra's handler tries to kill her in order to steal money from her deceased husband.
  • Nikita kills him.
  • Michael says good bye to Cassandra and Max.
  • Nikita tells Michael he needs to make sure he wants to leave and she walks away.
  • Back at Division, Alex agrees to help Percy transfer money in exchange for $100,000 to get her started on her revenge against Semak.
  • Sean catches her in the act and uses it to get closer to her.
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Nikita Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Birkhoff: London? What are you doing in London?
Michael: I'm going to visit my son.
Birkhoff: Your what? I didn't know you had a...

Yeah. Nikita Incorporated, Baby. Live and work all in the same space. Just like the Enterprise.