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  • Alex reunites with her mother and attempts to save her.
  • Nikita enters the Udinov estate to retrieve the black box.
  • Alex and Nikita run into each other. Nikita puts the black box mission on hold to help Alex save her mother, Katya.
  • Alex's mother turns on her and Semak captures Alex and takes her from the house.
  • Nikita saves Alex and then returns to the estate to try and save Katya.
  • Katya's been manipulated by Semak and believes Alex has been brainwashed. She also reveals that she was having an affair with Semak before her husband was executed.
  • Nikita has no choice but to leave Katya and escapes with Alex's help.
  • Michael and Owen track down the guardians and destroy two of the boxes.
  • They realize the guardians are going to try and break Percy out of his glass box.
  • Amanda puts Ryan in the glass box with Percy to analyze a way to bring down Oversight.
  • We find out that Percy collaborated with Semak to bring down Udinov, but Semak reneged on the deal.
  • Ryan tells Percy that his downfall started when Nikita first betrayed him during Pale Fire.
  • Percy hints to Ryan that he is going to escape.
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Nikita Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Black box can wait. We're gonna get your mother out ... tonight.


Oh, crap!

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