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- Michael found "The Shop" that could replace his arm. He recruits help getting the prion that the organization wants in exchange for the new arm. During that side mission, Jason, who volunteered, is shot and killed. Michael and Nikita exchange the prion for his arm surgery. It's revealed that "The Shop" had a mole within the Chinese company that was holding the prion. 


- Back at Division, someone tried to plant an explosive in the server room. Sean and Alex are tasked with finding the mutiny participants. After finding more explosive material missing, Sean sets a trap. Rachel is uncovered as the one who set up the server room operation. During questioning, Rachel slips and uses the term "tipping point," which Ryan had previously mentioned to Alex. Surprise! Alex is the head of the mutiny. Rachel convinces her to shot Ryan, who ends up in a coma. Rachel takes the fall for shooting Ryan so Alex can stay active and get freedom for everyone.


- Alex was manipulated by Amanda in South Ossetia. Alex's past and desire to save the girls at the brothel were transferred to Division. She wants to save everyone at Division.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

My vote goes for Operation Dissolve the Laptop in Acid.


If I knew "Shmoopies" was going to be part of this op, I definitely would have said no.