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- Birkhoff shadows Nikita and she grabs him. He approaches her outside of Division to tell her that Sonya is the mole. He also reveals that Amanda reactivated her kill chip and had a second mole monitoring her. They take the situation to the rest of the team and decide to go set a trap for Amanda and disable the kill chip.


- Michael confronts Alex about her drug use. He agrees to let her tell Nikita about it.


- Sonya records a fake fight between Nikita and Michael and sends it to Amanda as part of their plan. Amanda then send pictures of Michael and Alex meeting. Nikita is furious that Michael didn't tell her about Alex's problem. They realize they are falling into Amanda's trap. In order to find Amanda, they decide to track her through her spy, a former Division agent known and "The Watchman." Michael and Alex go out on a date and Nikita tracks "The Watchman." They are successful in tracking him and the trail leads back to Quebec City.


- Birkhoff and Ryan manipulate situations at Division and use heat sensors to narrow down the second mole to four people. Birkhoff assigns those four to repair a computer problem, which they created. This gives Birkhoff time to disable Sonya's chip. Nikita and Michael head to Quebec City to hunt down Amanda. Things don't go according to plan. The second mole, Baker, leaves the computer room when he notices that Sonya is in SL12. And, Amanda leaves her place to head to the airport. Nikita and Michael follow Amanda. Alex takes out Baker, while Birkhoff successfully completes the kill switch deactivation.


- Michael shoots at Amanda's car. Ann decides to throw a grenade at Nikita and Michael despite Amanda's orders not to do it. Nikita and Michael's car flips over and his hand is caught under the car. Amanda orders Ann to not kill Nikita, but doesn't listen. Nikita ends up killing Ann. Michael is stuck under the car and it is about to explode. He wants Nikita to leave, but she won't. Their love for each other is too strong. Nikita looks at Ann's knife and appears to cut off Michael's hand.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Ryan: Phase 2: Whack-a-Mole.

Let's bait the bitch.