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Amanda has Danforth killed and it sets into motion two dangerous paths for Division.


Owen goes to clear Danforth's house and gets attack by Amanda. She re-activates his original Sam personality and memories. When Owen was in the military he was the head of a drug trafficking group and it got deadly. He finds out that the guy who shot him is still alive. He visits his old "friend" with Nikita and shoots him in the head. He then reaches out to Amanda to make a deal for Nikita. Amanda offers him $50,000 for Nikita and he is offended, so she suggests he get the black box and she'll sell it for him. 


Back at Division, Alex continues her mutiny plans. She works to get the trackers deactivated. Meanwhile, Michael continues to interrogate Rachel. Sean catches on to Alex and follows her. He tries to stop her, but then meets her larger-than-ever mutiny group. Alex gives Sean credit for working on the trackers to protect him and he goes along with it. Rachel shows up and takes control from Alex. They decide to take over Ops. The mutiny group now has control of Division. 


Nikita is with Amanda. Owen has the black box and stuck under Division's lock-down. Michael is being held by the mutineers. And, Birkoff's tried to stop the mutiny, but failed.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Sam. Owen is a tool.


That's not winning. That's cheating.