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- Ryan wakes up from his coma to find his reality turned upside down. Division was ransacked, most of the agents split, Danforth is dead, and the President has no clue what's happened there. He decides to blow up Division, take the fall by saying he was the only survivor, and tell the President the Black Box was stolen. Michael thinks this is a bad idea.


- After Sean's death, Alex took off, killed drug dealers, and went in search of girls forced into prostitution to free. Nikita went after her and followed her trail. They helped save the girls and Michael showed up for back-up. Nikita helped Alex recognize the manipulation job that Amanda did on her regarding Larissa. Alex reluctant at first to return to Division agreed to go back with Nikita and Michael.


- Throughout Alex's ordeal, Nikita had flashback memories of her desperation and desire to go on a suicide mission after Daniel's death. Was that due to the circumstances? Or, something that Amanda planted in her head? It was unclear.


- Ryan gave new identities and money to the remaining Division agents, so they could start new lives. He was ready to blow up Division, but Nikita convinced him to go after Amanda and the Black Boxes again. It's back to the small Team Nikita that brought down Percy. They are now going to try to bring down Amanda too.

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